Cat Motor Mengelupas, Kenapa ?

Motorcycle Paint Peeling, Why?

A motorbike that has a nice and clean body is certainly pleasing to the eyes of others, its performance will go up for use. Caring for and maintaining it must also be motorbike riders with caution and smart so that the quality is maintained. There are several things you should know about the causes of peeling motor paint.

1. Directly exposed to the hot sun
If parking a motorbike, from now on look for a shady place. This can cause exposure to sunlight with the motorbike which causes the paint color to fade, especially if the parking lasts for hours. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation in the hot sun is able to deconstruct the paint layer, which causes the motor paint color to become dull and faded.

2. Sticky Dust
Dust that has been stuck on the motorcycle for too long will make your motorcycle paint look ugly and peel off! The fine particles of nuisance that almost always land on this motorbike can also disturb the beauty of the color of our motorbike.

3. Motorcycle Washing Process
Don't take it lightly, damaged motor paint can also be caused when the washing process is not good. For example, when washing using dab soap or detergent. Both of these things are not very good to use on your motorbike because of harsh chemicals that can damage the quality and erode the motor paint.